Episode 1 - 1984: India's Guilty Secret with Pav Singh

The Sikh genocide of November 1984 is one of the most important moments in recent Sikh history. 8,000 people were killed and thousands more women and girls raped by orchestrated gangs over the course of three nightmarish days in early November. 

Pav Singh, journalist, author, and Community Associate at the Wiener Holocaust Library in London walks us through his new book detailing the historical context, sequence of events, and subsequent coverup the '84 genocide. 

We aim to put the events in context in this conversation before delving into the series of events that unfolded over those three days and its larger political significance as well as learning of the devastation that wreaked on the survivors.

We also discuss the events in terms of their connection to British colonialism and its similarities to other events around the world in formerly colonized countries. 


Episode notes:

Find Pav Singh on twitter: @Parvinder66 and on his website: 8t4files.wordpress.com

You can purchase his book 1984: India's Guilty Secret from Kashi House

Learn about and support the work of Ensaaf which works around the issues of 1984 and impunity of the Indian state in its treatment of Sikhs.

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Episode 2 will be released in two weeks. You can learn about Amardeep Singh and his documenting of the Sikh legacy in Pakistan here: lostheritagebook.com

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Also, the intellectual that I reference is Kehinde Wiley in an appearance on Russel Brand's podcast Under the Skin