Episode 3 - Sikh Resistance Movements w/ Sukhraj Singh (Sikh Talk)

Throughout their history, Sikhs have often found themselves at odds with the ruling hierarchies of their societies.

This comes from a fundamental belief in the spiritual and material sovereignty of all people and their right to dignity. Social programs that seek to nourish all regardless of social standing have acted as radical tools of equality. Ultimately in many cases, Sikhs along with trans-religious comrades have directly resisted oppressive structures with both active protest and even defensive violence. 

Sukhraj Singh, curator of Instagram's Sikh Archive as well as the host of his Sikh Talk political videos, comes on The One to discuss an article he wrote for the UK's Consented Magazine on Sikh Resistance movements over time.

We discuss these as well as how they relate to the modern political realities and how Sikhs can more actively engage politically rooted in their principles while accessing modern critiques and philosophical lenses through which to identify oppression.

Music by jhassic: souncloud.com/jhassic