Episode 4 - The Eyes of Asia with Charles Allen

The relationship between Sikhs and the Imperial government of the British Raj in India is complex.

At once, many Sikhs were loyal soldiers whose martial traditions lined up with the ability to support one's family on a soldier's salary. At the same time, some Sikhs were in direct opposition to British rule. And perhaps those were not mutually exclusive groups.

Despite these complexities, we can simply appreciate the stories of the grave realities that soldiers leaving India to fight in Europe faced. And we get to hear these stories from one of the great historians of his generation: Charles Allen. His latest addition to his collected works of over 25 books and other historical projects is the introduction to Kashi House's new reprint of Kipling's The Eyes of Asia.

Join us for a conversation on Kipling and his contradictions, the dichotomous relationship between soldiers and the empire, and the glimpse into the past that we get in between. 

The book can be purchased from Kashi House here: https://www.kashihouse.com/books/the-eyes-of-asia

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