Episode 7 - The Story of Sikh "Radicals": Sikh Narratives in the Media with Dr. Jasjit Singh

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Dr. Jasjit Singh is based at the University of Leeds where he is employed as a Research Fellow in the School of Philosophy, Religion and the History of Science (PRHS). His research focuses on the religious and cultural lives of South Asians in Britain, with a particular focus on ‘Religious and Cultural transmission’

Dr. Jasjit Singh has conducted an in-depth study into Sikh activists and whether accusations of violent Sikh groups in the UK are valid. The results were illuminating in many ways. We learn what his findings tell us about the realities of Sikh activism, the narratives fabricated around Sikh identity, and how we can build meaningful conversations in our communities. 

Learn more about Dr. Jasjit here: https://arts.leeds.ac.uk/jasjitsingh/about/

You can read the CREST report that we discuss here: https://crestresearch.ac.uk/download/3796