Episode 13 - The Singing Guru with Kamla Kapur

In this episode, Shabd interviews Kamla Kapur about her book about the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak. Her works include plays, novels, poetry, essays and reimaging Indian spiritual writings.

Her critically acclaimed books, published in the USA and India, include: Rumi: Tales of the Spirit reinterpreting stories by Rumi (the great Sufi mystic poet) with her insightful commentaries, Rumi’s Tales from the Silk Road, Pilgrimage to Paradise, and many more. She’s also releasing a sequel “Into the Great Heart : Legends and Adventures of Guru Angad the second Sikh Guru.”

She is also an award winning poet and playwright and was on the faculty of Grossmont College, San Diego for 15 years where she taught composition, literature, creative writing, mythology, and Shakespeare

Find Kamla at - https://twitter.com/KamlaKKapur

Hosted by Shabd Singh (https://twitter.com/ShabdSingh)

Produced by Rishwajeet Singh (https://twitter.com/leftclicktv)

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