Episode 14 - Decolonizing Kashmir with Suchitra Vijayan

In this episode, Shabd interviews Suchitra Vijayan, about the revocation of special status, communications blockade and human rights abuses in Kashmir. Suchitra Vijayan is a writer, photographer, lawyer, political essayist, and a lecturer. Her work looks at theories of violence, war, and human nature. Her columns appear regularly in The Hindu and Warscapes Magazine. She has written for GQ, The Telegraph, and Foreign Policy amongst other publications. She is the founder and Executive Director of The Polis Project which, in their own words, is a hybrid research and journalism organization producing knowledge about some of the most important issues affecting us, by amplifying diverse perspectives from those indigenous to the conflicts and crisis affecting our world today. 

Find Suchitra at - https://twitter.com/suchitrav

The Polis Project - https://www.thepolisproject.com

Hosted by Shabd Singh (https://twitter.com/ShabdSingh)

Produced by leftclicktv (https://twitter.com/leftclicktv)

Image - Sajjad Hussain/AFP

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