Shabd Singh

Shabd Singh is the host of The One Podcast. He is passionate about the vast history and philosophy of the Gurus and their Sikhs. He’s also particularly interested in questions of Sikh political formations and what Sikhi can bring to the world to promote justice and illumination for all humanity. Unfortunately, he’s also active on social media.

Twitter: twitter.com/shabdsingh

Instagram: instagram.com/shabd.one


Rishwajeet singh

Rishwajeet is the producer of the main show, and co-hosts the second. Currently an undergraduate in Ashoka University in India, he is studying Political Science and Philosophy. He is interested in the intersection of media and politics, and makes films in his free time. He also hates writing bios.

Twitter: twitter.com/leftclicktv

Instagram: instagram.com/leftclicktv